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It's official! We're pleased and excited to confirm that the UK Geocaching Mega Event is coming back to the West Midlands in 2022.

As with all such events, we're fundraising. We'll be back out on the road and coming to an event near you once the ongoing situation with Covid-19 allows - but, in the meantime, here's what you can do to help:

Become a Founder Supporter

Are you a huge fan of Geocoins and Mega events? This one is only for the best and most committed of our fans - become a Founder Supporter of the 2022 West Midlands Mega event. We're selling Founder status for £100 each - but only during 2020. Get in early and help us get our first round of funding in the bag!

Each Founder will get a special personal event ID card and lanyard - wear it to any of our 2020 and 2021 events and you can claim a free raffle ticket (come to a hundred of our events and you'll be quids in already!). Then at the event in 2022, each Founder will receive a special Founder Pack at the Mega site during Mega week. Each pack will have a unique Founders-only Geocoin and other great goodies only available to our best fans! But that's not the point, right? The point is, you want to be one of our most special and most focussed supporters, and you want to show that you are a Mega 2022 Founder, right? So... go on, visit our shop and buy Founder status for just £100!

Have a Date with us!

We're running a Diary Raffle! It costs just £1 to enter, and you could win a £25 Amazon Gift Card ... click here for more!

Visit our shop!

Our shop is now open. We've founder memberships, mugs, pens, and some other bits and bobs, and we'll be adding more products as and when they become available. Our first two geocoins are now available to buy ... not that we're excited about this or anything! Why not take a look?

Just Donate

Want to support us, but already got too much caching-related ... stuff ... ? We also take donations.

Support us on Easyfundraising

If you sign up with Easyfundraising, then, whenever you shop with any of over four thousand online retailers, we'll get a small donation ... and it won't cost you a penny extra! It really is that simple - visit Easyfundraising for more!

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Visit our Sponsors

These are the lovely people who've helped us out. Show your appreciation by paying them a visit!

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