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Murder Mystery night

Why not come and play the WM Mega 2022 Murder Mystery on the 17th July? The suggested donation is £3 and after messaging you will be issued with a character and a costume suggestion (unless you wish to be a extra). We will then send out the details of the Zoom video call prior to the evening. On the evening you will receive your character books and everything you need to solve the murder! (Feel free to take notes. ::o)

The murder! :-

The night of March 1905 saw a full moon rise over the remote Hampshire village of Thor Bridge. Here there are still some prepared to celebrate the coincidence of the old pre-Christian festivals of Eostrara and Lady Day, and for weeks the village has been rife with rumours of pagan rituals, tales of the spirits and demons that would stalk the Earth.

But even on this haunted and mysterious night, no one could have predicted the form that evil was to take ... until the body of Maria Gibson was discovered. The Brazilian wife of the millionaire who lives in the big house, she had been shot dead with a single silver bullet.

Only one man can solve this bizarre case that seems shrouded in the folklore of three continents.

And now Sherlock Holmes has gathered the suspects together to uncover the truth of what happened that terrible night.

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It's official! We're pleased and excited to confirm that the UK Geocaching Mega Event is coming back to the West Midlands in 2022.

As with all such events, we're fundraising. We'll be back out on the road and coming to an event near you once the ongoing situation with Covid-19 allows - but, in the meantime, here's what you can do to help:

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